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Point of No Return (intro)

LiFE is short. It is time.  Finally.

Blogging is one of the things that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.  I’ve always wanted to find the best ways to optimize time and live the most fulfilling life.

And to share the lessons learned–and hope that these practical posts can help others:

  • Productivity Hacks – to get more out of life by optimizing our time a little more.
  • Behavior Designs – to get more out of the day by improving our habits
  • Positive Psychology – to get more of the moment by enhancing our mindset

I’m tired of not keeping my word to blog.  This is my last stop.  My . of no return.

What are you tired of not doing?

Read my first post to start doing:  Stop Breaking Promises to “Today I’m going to…”

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About David Ngo

Rising entrepreneur and behavior designer at Stanford University. Life is short--just trying to live the most fulfilling life, and get those around me to do so as well. Stanford's 1st & only Behavior Design Major: slidesha.re/behaviordesignmajor More about.me/dngo



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