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Stop Breaking Your Promise to “Today, I’m going to…”

“I’m going to go to…gym today, write a blog post, call home, email my friend who I need to keep in touch with…”

The list goes on.  If you have time to read this entire post, then you have 2 minutes:

I want you to take 2-full minutes (Sumat says even1 second is enough)  to gain momentum for completing the promise that you made yourself.

Said you were going to the gym?
Go change now and pack your gym bag. 

Said you were going to call home?
Call now–tell them you miss them, busy now, but will call again tonight after work. 

Said you wanted to email that friend who you’ve grown apart from?
Right now, fill out the subject line and write the first sentence. 

After your set yourself up, and you find yourself catching momentum–keep going.  Screw reading this post and go to the gym, call home, or grow your friendship again.  If you take 2 minutes to set yourself up, then you will feel good.  As you should.

You move one step further for keep your promise to yourself.  This won’t work for everyone because most people are lazy.  You have to have enough motivation.  If you can’t do 2 minutes, you won’t be able to do 15 minutes of exercise, phone call, or email.

2 minutes later…or a second…

Feel good? Comment below and let me know how it went.


About David Ngo

Rising entrepreneur and behavior designer at Stanford University. Life is short--just trying to live the most fulfilling life, and get those around me to do so as well. Stanford's 1st & only Behavior Design Major: slidesha.re/behaviordesignmajor More about.me/dngo


4 thoughts on “Stop Breaking Your Promise to “Today, I’m going to…”

  1. Nice one David, though, I’d say only one second is all it takes to gain that momentum.

    Posted by Sumat Lam | August 26, 2011, 12:16 AM
  2. On your suggestion, I actually went to the gym =]

    Posted by Herry Lian | August 26, 2011, 2:44 AM

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