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Stop Snoozing in the Morning: why you do it & how to stop it

When was the last time you snoozed for more than 30 minutes? I snoozed for 3 hours and 12 minutes this morning.

I hated every minute that I snoozed…after I got out of bed.  

But loved snoozing while I was in bed.  And this is exactly why we do it.  We love the feeling that comes after snoozing the alarm.

why we snooze:

Alarm Rings –> Snooze –> Feels good.


The reason why we snooze most of the time is probably because the first thing you do after you get out of bed is not exciting compared to the immediate gratification of falling back asleep.  Leave a comment if I’m wrong.

What do you do right when you wake up?  Do you already have a super-exciting thing you do every morning? Comment below! (If not, read on–maybe inspiration will come).

Again, let’s live the most fulfilling life that we may live.

NOTE:  This is, of course, assuming you’re not physically exhausted with immense sleep debt.  Your body does need to be loved and caressed by your snuggily-comfy bed.  My reasons are to overcome the psychology of snoozing — which lay in procrastination, undesired lifestyle, unaligned goals, etc.

how to stop it: 

Plan something that you will jump out of bed for when your alarm goes off.  Something that excites you–gives you a rush of giddiness–something that jumpstarts your day.

Some ideas:
    Indulge in Prison Break or Spartacus marathon, or any other T.V. Show
    Work for yourself on your own start-up with your best friend
    Read that book you’ve been wanting to read
    Make love to your girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse (granted they’re okay with you waking them) — p.s. I am not responsible for any morning     attacks incurred 😉
Use Twilio-texts to achieve a shared goal of waking up at 6AM for one week.
Use Twilio-services to design behavior.

Find something that is better than the immediate gratification of snoozing.

Don’t have something that excites you that much? 

Find it.  Then add more of it to your life in moderation

Instead of snoozing, what are you going to jump out of bed for tomorrow? Post your jumpstart below!

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About David Ngo

Rising entrepreneur and behavior designer at Stanford University. Life is short--just trying to live the most fulfilling life, and get those around me to do so as well. Stanford's 1st & only Behavior Design Major: slidesha.re/behaviordesignmajor More about.me/dngo


8 thoughts on “Stop Snoozing in the Morning: why you do it & how to stop it

  1. Tomorrow I’m going to jump out of bed and read Don’t Shoot the Dog.

    Posted by David Ngo | August 29, 2011, 8:41 PM
  2. I am strongly against snoozing! People should view their sleep cycles as a personal health responsibility. It IS possible to wake up, without an alarm, feeling entirely rested, on a daily basis. It takes a strong commitment, a little bit of experimentation, and a whole lot of consistency.

    To me, the snooze button embodies self-deception. Sleeping for 7 minutes at a time is next to worthless in rejuvenation (just ask anybody with sleep apnea), thus making it non productive. One would be better served by not setting an alarm at all, harvesting all the time in one chunk of sleep.

    Posted by Sheppard | August 29, 2011, 10:29 PM
  3. I’m jumping out of bed to go to the grasslands of Mongolia, riding horses and eating goat BBQ like Genghis Khan did. Swag.

    Posted by Jeanie | August 29, 2011, 10:33 PM
  4. Yea I definitely need to get motivated again to hop out the sack.

    Posted by Nathan B. | August 30, 2011, 1:26 AM
  5. I’m jumping out of bed tomorrow to go for a morning jog on the private beach outside my beach front cottage.

    You jelly brah?

    Posted by Andrew Martin | August 30, 2011, 2:46 AM
  6. I am going to jump out of my bed to fight prostate cancer!

    Posted by David | August 31, 2011, 6:04 PM

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