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Healthy Eating Habits in Your Dining Hall: Immediately Grab Your Dessert

A delicious Godiva chocolate cheesecake? Fruit crumble? Yummy milkshake? Apple pie?!!!

Personally, I need to start eating Vitamins.  Do you need to START eating, eat MORE or LESS of something?

Answer that question and this will be your first healthy eating action.  Once successful, you can change it to something else. For example, only start eating peas.  Or only eat more carrots.  Or only eat less hot dogs.  Remember, baby steps.  One at a time.

Like I mentioned in my About . ngo return post:  I aim to share lessons to make your life and my life more fulfilling.  This was a suggested behavior design by a friend who wanted to eat healthier in dining halls. Thus, I present to you…

The Dessert-Technique: Eating Healthy for the Next Week

See the dining hall & get pumped:  

Start, More, or Less of something

GET YO’ dessert!

Feel free to knock fellow students over if your yummies seem to be running out. (I am not responsible for any deaths occurred over your ‘Death by Chocolate’).

Unleash your one healthy-eating action:  

Start adding peas to your plate for the first time, more bokchoy, less hot dogs…

Then, walk out with your food, feeling like a champ: compliment to yourself out loud. (“Chyea! You’re a boss!  Chyeaaaaaa!  Holla! ” some of my favs)

Your 1-week Dessert-Technique Schedule:

Day 1: Moderately-full dessert
Day 2: Eat half of your dessert. Give the second half to friends.
Day 3: No dessert
Day 4: Moderately-full dessert
Day 5: Eat half of your dessert. Give the second half to your crush. 🙂 (friend are okay again, if a crush is absent).
Day 6: No dessert
Day 7: Healthy Dessert – Fruit 🙂
Day 8+: Congratulations! Email me at ngoreturn@gmail.com I want to talk to you.

Behavior Design – why it works:

Start, More, or Less?

You’re focused on one healthy-eating action at a time:

Walk into dining hall like a boss.

Mindset and motivation is key to eating healthy.

Positive reinforcement (your dessert) is crucial.

The dessert schedule continues to grow your mindset & motivation.

It feels good to eat healthy.

In turn, this will replace dessert as your positive reinforcer.  Your emerging sexy body, compliments, and increasing energy (etc, etc) will further become other positive reinforcers for eating healthy.

How will you eat now? Comment below!


About David Ngo

Rising entrepreneur and behavior designer at Stanford University. Life is short--just trying to live the most fulfilling life, and get those around me to do so as well. Stanford's 1st & only Behavior Design Major: slidesha.re/behaviordesignmajor More about.me/dngo


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