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I wear headphones so that people don’t talk to me. Do you?

My headphones are in because I don’t feel like talking. Sometimes.

Other times, I just really can’t hear you because my music is playing.

Maybe you do the same. You have white wires coming down from your ears, but there’s no music.

Maybe you don’t use headphones.

Maybe you don’t use something that’s electronic or physical.

Maybe we hide behind the twinkle of our eyes and our radiant smiles.

Some of us use nice headphones to cover up, but most of us use our smiles and “fine” words so we don’t have to share.

Just a thought. Why do you hide? What do you do?


About David Ngo

Rising entrepreneur and behavior designer at Stanford University. Life is short--just trying to live the most fulfilling life, and get those around me to do so as well. Stanford's 1st & only Behavior Design Major: slidesha.re/behaviordesignmajor More about.me/dngo


One thought on “I wear headphones so that people don’t talk to me. Do you?

  1. I use it to zone out others so I can focus on the task at hand. I listen to EDM while working because the music patterns are consistent and therefore my head can zone it out.

    Posted by Alex Weston Lin | October 17, 2011, 12:58 PM

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