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First in 6 years at Stanford: How to Get Your Proposal Approved Part 1.5

Key Success Principle: Staircase Your Successes The After Story: I have four professors who signed on to become my advisors.  Three tenured-faculty members were required to get my individually designed major in Behavior Design approved. They are: BJ Fogg, Computer Science Jeremy Bailenson,  Communication Clifford Nass, Communication Carol Dweck, Psychology The Before Story: Rejected 7 … Continue reading

First in 6 years at Stanford: How to Get Your Proposal Approved Part 1

The After Story:   6 years.  I was the first student in 6 years to get my individually designed major approved in the H&S department at Stanford. This made me the first and only Behavior Design major at Stanford. My actual submitted proposal can be found here.  This is the after story.  Like all successes, the … Continue reading

Behavior Design: Thank you Dr. BJ Fogg

Behavior Design is creating behavior change. This is our fundamental model. If your target behavior isn’t happening, one or more of these things are missing. BJ, you’ve changed my life. And the lives of many others through your leadership of behavior design. Thank you

Healthy Eating Habits in Your Dining Hall: Immediately Grab Your Dessert

A delicious Godiva chocolate cheesecake? Fruit crumble? Yummy milkshake? Apple pie?!!! Personally, I need to start eating Vitamins.  Do you need to START eating, eat MORE or LESS of something? Answer that question and this will be your first healthy eating action.  Once successful, you can change it to something else. For example, only start eating peas.  Or only … Continue reading

Stop Breaking Your Promise to “Today, I’m going to…”

“I’m going to go to…gym today, write a blog post, call home, email my friend who I need to keep in touch with…” The list goes on.  If you have time to read this entire post, then you have 2 minutes: I want you to take 2-full minutes (Sumat says even1 second is enough)  to … Continue reading

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